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Friday, February 10, 2023

Would legalizing cannabis and hemp everywhere globally at every level have any effect on dismantling white supremacy?

Legalizing cannabis and hemp globally would not, in and of itself, dismantle white supremacy. White supremacy is a complex and deeply ingrained social, political, and economic system that has been maintained over centuries through a variety of mechanisms, including laws and policies that have targeted and oppressed marginalized communities, such as communities of color, Indigenous peoples, and other minority groups.

While the legalization of cannabis and hemp could help to reduce some of the harm caused by the prohibition of these substances, it would not necessarily have a direct impact on dismantling white supremacy. Addressing white supremacy requires a much broader and sustained effort to dismantle the systemic and institutional barriers that have perpetuated inequality and oppression.

This could include, for example, working to address systemic racial disparities in areas such as the criminal justice system, education, housing, and employment, as well as addressing the broader cultural and political beliefs that sustain white supremacy.

So while the legalization of cannabis and hemp could be an important step in reducing harm and promoting more just and equitable policies, it would not be a panacea for addressing the root causes of white supremacy.

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