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Sunday, October 15, 2023

**#MissionPlateCovers: Clearing the Path for Global Security** - An ambitious mission aimed at criminalizing license plate obstructions of all kinds, whether clear, transparent colored, grey, or black.

1. **#MissionPlateCovers: Clearing the Path for Global Security**
   - An ambitious mission aimed at criminalizing license plate obstructions of all kinds, whether clear, transparent colored, grey, or black. This mission seeks to codify the ancient organic unwritten right to read license plates and remove obstructions on the spot, establishing a new written law based on existing ancient organic principles, relevant national, state, provincial laws, and bylaws. The goal is to eradicate this global security threat for the sake of combatting crime and terrorism.

2. **Introduction:**
   - License plate obstructions have become a global security concern, hampering efforts to combat crime and terrorism. #MissionPlateCovers is a comprehensive initiative that advocates for clear and unobstructed license plates, making it a legal obligation for everyone. We aim to harmonize ancient organic principles with modern legal frameworks to enhance global security.

3. **Intelligence Report:**
   - #MissionPlateCovers is at the forefront of addressing license plate obstructions. Our mission underscores the need to eradicate obstructions of any kind on license plates, which can hinder law enforcement's efforts to identify vehicles involved in criminal activities. We aim to create a new written law that empowers authorities to break plate covers on the spot, strengthening global security measures.

4. **Business Plan:**
   - This mission will involve extensive legal advocacy and collaboration with authorities at various levels of government. We will work to ensure that license plate obstructions are treated as a global security threat and that the ancient organic unwritten right to read plates is upheld. Our strategy includes raising awareness, legal reforms, and collaborative efforts with relevant law enforcement agencies.

5. **Legal Framework:**
   - #MissionPlateCovers is firmly grounded in international laws, existing national and state/provincial laws, and bylaws. We advocate for the codification of the right to read license plates and the removal of obstructions as part of global security measures.

6. **Conclusion:**
   - #MissionPlateCovers is a call to action for a safer and more secure world. By criminalizing license plate obstructions and upholding the ancient organic right to read plates, we aim to provide law enforcement with a powerful tool to combat crime and terrorism. Together, we can create a global environment where license plates are clear and security is paramount.

With #MissionPlateCovers, we embark on a journey to enhance global security measures and make our communities safer by ensuring license plates are unobstructed and easy to read. ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ›ก️๐ŸŒ


Marie Seshat Landry
CEO & Spymaster
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