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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

**#MissionMoney** **Subject:** Developing a Global Currency Based on Blockchain Technology


**Subject:** Developing a Global Currency Based on Blockchain Technology

**Introduction:** #MissionMoney is a visionary initiative with the goal of developing a fair global currency, managed by the United Nations, utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology. This mission seeks to establish a universal currency that can be declared legal tender anywhere on Earth or in space, with the added vision of implementing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system. Additionally, it aims to make this currency tradable on forex currency exchanges.

**Intelligence Report:** In today's interconnected world, the need for a global currency has become increasingly apparent. #MissionMoney's primary objective is to harness the potential of blockchain technology to create a currency that transcends borders and serves as a common medium of exchange for all nations. This initiative is aligned with the United Nations' sustainable development goals and envisions a more equitable financial system.

**Business Plan:** The strategic plan involves collaboration with experts in blockchain technology, economists, and financial experts to develop a robust and secure global currency. The mission aims to engage relevant UN agencies in managing this currency. Additionally, it seeks to introduce a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system, ensuring that every individual has access to a basic income for a more inclusive society.

**Legal:** Compliance with international, national, and regional laws is of utmost importance. #MissionMoney aims to work within the framework of existing legal systems while advocating for the creation of relevant laws and regulations to support the new global currency.

**Conclusion:** #MissionMoney is a groundbreaking endeavor with the potential to reshape the global financial landscape. By creating a universal currency based on blockchain technology and ensuring accessibility through a Universal Basic Income, this mission aims to foster a more equitable and prosperous world. Join us in this journey towards a fair and interconnected global financial system.


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