Tuesday, October 10, 2023

**Subject: Healing Humanity: #MissionCorrectionalReform**

**Subject: Healing Humanity: #MissionCorrectionalReform**


In a world where justice should aim to heal rather than punish, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in our pursuit of reformed correctional systems. #MissionCorrectionalReform stands as a beacon of hope for a more compassionate, effective, and humane approach to corrections.

**Mission Objectives:**

1. **Holistic Rehabilitation:** Establish a correctional system rooted in holistic rehabilitation, focusing on addressing the underlying causes of criminal behavior and helping inmates to transform their lives.

2. **HDCNS-Secured Tipi Villages:** Replace traditional prison environments with innovative HDCNS-secured Tipi Villages within rehabilitation facilities. These villages will provide a nurturing, culture-sensitive atmosphere for recovery and growth.

3. **Psych Ward Rehabilitation:** Rethink the traditional jail and prison system by incorporating aspects of a psych ward setting within rehabilitation parameters. This approach acknowledges the importance of mental health in the correctional process.

4. **100% Organic Meals:** Implement a commitment to serving 100% organic meals to inmates, promoting better physical and mental health, as well as organic principles.

5. **Home-Like Living:** Replace cold cells and prison wings with small, home-like structures within rehabilitation facilities. These comfortable living spaces will grant inmates privacy and the freedom to move about within defined areas, fostering a sense of normalcy and stability.

6. **Access to Plant Medicines:** Inmates have the right to access safe plant medicines of their choice, including cannabis, hemp, and others, under the supervision of medical professionals. Gardening and participation in from-home online work are encouraged, providing inmates opportunities for skill-building, education, and growth.

**Intelligence Report:**

#MissionCorrectionalReform's intelligence report highlights the pressing need for a shift in our correctional approach. Current correctional facilities often fall short of rehabilitation, leading to high recidivism rates and substantial human rights violations. With the aim of creating a more effective and compassionate system, the mission draws inspiration from the organic unwritten laws of empathy, equity, and humanity.

**Business Plan:**

1. **Facility Transformation:** The primary investment will be in the transformation of correctional facilities into HDCNS-secured Tipi Villages. This initiative will require architectural adaptations and the use of advanced construction materials like Hempcrete, HDCNS, and hemp composites.

2. **Nutrition and Organic Meals:** Introducing 100% organic meals to support inmates' physical and mental well-being necessitates changes in meal preparation, sourcing, and facilities.

3. **Training and Support:** Personnel in the correctional system will receive training to help implement rehabilitation-focused procedures effectively.

**Legal Addendums for Human Rights:**

#MissionCorrectionalReform emphasizes several critical human rights:

1. **Right to Rehabilitation:** Inmates have the right to access comprehensive rehabilitation programs, aimed at addressing the root causes of their criminal behavior.

2. **Right to Mental Health:** Individuals in the correctional system should be treated with care and respect for their mental health. The promotion of psych ward settings is a step toward recognizing this right.

3. **Right to Organic Food:** Inmates are entitled to receive 100% organic meals that promote physical and mental health.

4. **Right to Privacy:** A home-like living environment ensures that inmates can maintain their dignity and privacy.

5. **Right to Access Plant Medicines:** Inmates have the right to access safe plant medicines under medical supervision.

6. **Right to Skill-Building:** Inmates are encouraged to participate in gardening and from-home online work for skill development and future opportunities.


#MissionCorrectionalReform is more than a mission; it is a transformative endeavor aimed at redefining our approach to corrections. By focusing on holistic rehabilitation, embracing organic unwritten laws of humanity, and providing inmates with a supportive, culture-sensitive atmosphere, we can chart a course toward a more compassionate and effective correctional system.

Join us in creating a future where correctional facilities prioritize healing, empathy, and the preservation of human rights. Together, we can lead the way toward a more compassionate and holistic approach to corrections, fundamentally changing the lives of individuals and the fabric of our society.

#MissionCorrectionalReform: Healing humanity, one inmate at a time.

Marie Seshat Landry
CEO & Spymaster
Marie Landry's Spy Shop
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