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Fwd: **Global #MissionOrganicLaw: Codifying Unwritten Rights and Laws at Every Level**


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Subject: **Global #MissionOrganicLaw: Codifying Unwritten Rights and Laws at Every Level**
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**Global #MissionOrganicLaw: Codifying Unwritten Rights and Laws at Every Level**

#MissionOrganicLaw is a global initiative and movement dedicated to codifying all unwritten rights and laws, including those related to LGBTQ rights, the right to read license plates without obstruction, the right to certified organic food, vegan rights, the right to use drugs, sex, gender and sex-work related rights, the right to self-defense and security of life and liberty, the right to protest, whistleblower protections, and many more. These unwritten rights, often implicit but crucial to human dignity, require recognition, documentation, and protection based on international human rights principles, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

**Intelligence Report: Codifying Unwritten Rights and Laws**

*Current Landscape*
- Unwritten rights and laws exist in various forms across the world, influencing personal freedoms, social justice, and the rule of law.
- Examples include:
  - The right to access clean and safe drinking water.
  - The right to cultural heritage preservation.
  - The right to freedom of thought and expression.
  - The right to access quality education.
- These rights often face challenges and threats due to changing societal norms, political dynamics, and emerging technologies.

*Importance of Codification*
- Codifying unwritten rights and laws is essential to protect human dignity, promote justice, and uphold the rule of law, in line with international human rights laws such as UDHR.
- Recognizing implicit rights ensures that they are enforceable and respected.

*Challenges and Opportunities*
- The mission encounters challenges related to diverse cultural contexts, legal traditions, and social norms.
- Opportunities lie in promoting awareness, empowering individuals, and strengthening legal protections for implicit rights, as mandated by UDHR.

**One-Page Business Plan: Codifying Unwritten Rights and Laws**

- Codify unwritten rights and laws globally, based on international human rights principles and standards, as enshrined in UDHR.
- Engage with diverse stakeholders, including communities, legal experts, and human rights organizations, with a focus on transparency and collaboration.

*Community Engagement*
- Collaborate closely with communities to identify and document implicit rights and customs, ensuring local voices are heard in accordance with UDHR principles.
- Empower communities to actively participate in the codification process, emphasizing self-determination and respect for human rights.

*Legal Framework*
- Develop a comprehensive legal framework that upholds international human rights standards, particularly those outlined in UDHR, ensuring the protection of implicit rights.
- Promote the integration of codified rights into legal systems worldwide, in alignment with UDHR principles.

*Global Implementation*
- Advocate for the recognition and adoption of codified unwritten rights and laws at every level of government, from municipal to national, adhering to UDHR and under the guidance of the United Nations (UN).
- Raise awareness and acceptance of implicit rights among governments, legal institutions, and society, in harmony with UDHR's vision of a just and inclusive world.

*Awareness and Education*
- Implement awareness and education campaigns to inform individuals about their implicit rights and legal protections, as outlined in UDHR.
- Promote respect for diversity and human dignity in accordance with UDHR principles.

**Predictive Addendum: Future Considerations**

In anticipation of the future, #MissionOrganicLaw acknowledges several critical considerations:

1. **Sustainability**: Establish mechanisms for the ongoing documentation and protection of implicit rights, consistent with UDHR principles, to ensure their sustainability and relevance in evolving societies.

2. **Advocacy**: Continue to advocate for the recognition of codified unwritten rights and laws on the global stage, fostering international cooperation with the UN and in line with UDHR.

3. **Community Empowerment**: Strengthen the capacity of communities to advocate for and protect their implicit rights, with an unwavering commitment to the principles of UDHR.

4. **Legal Reform**: Advocate for legal reforms at all levels of government, in alignment with UDHR, to ensure that implicit rights are respected and protected.

5. **Public Awareness**: Expand public awareness initiatives, grounded in UDHR principles, to promote the understanding and importance of implicit rights in diverse cultural contexts.

#MissionOrganicLaw is our unwavering commitment to codifying implicit rights, protecting human dignity, and fostering a more just and inclusive global society, guided by international human rights laws such as UDHR.


Marie Seshat Landry
CEO & Spymaster
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