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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Fwd: Subject: Expert Intelligence Report on Blaine Higgs' Threat to Human Rights in New Brunswick πŸ“


Marie Seshat Landry
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---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Marie Landry <>
Date: Mon, Oct 2, 2023, 5:26 PM
Subject: Subject: Expert Intelligence Report on Blaine Higgs' Threat to Human Rights in New Brunswick πŸ“
To: McKee, Robert (LEG) <>

Subject: Expert Intelligence Report on Blaine Higgs' Threat to Human Rights in New Brunswick πŸ“

Date: October 2, 2023

To: Robert McKee, Moncton MLA

From: Marie Landry

Dear Mr. Robert McKee,

I present to you this expert intelligence report, dated October 2, 2023, aimed at shedding light on the pressing concerns related to human rights in New Brunswick under the leadership of Blaine Higgs. This analysis underscores the urgency for progress and a commitment to safeguarding human rights in the province.

   - This report is a detailed examination of the critical challenges faced by New Brunswick residents concerning human rights under Premier Blaine Higgs' leadership.

**1. Blaine Higgs' Threat to Human Rights:**
   - Blaine Higgs' tenure as Premier of New Brunswick has raised significant concerns regarding human rights, including:
     - An apparent disregard for fiscal responsibility at the expense of critical public services and infrastructure.
     - Reports of discrimination and barriers faced by LGBTQ individuals seeking healthcare services.
     - A perceived neglect of the Francophone community's rights, particularly in terms of French-language education and culture.

**2. Fiscal Mismanagement and its Impact:**
   - Higgs' fiscal policies have led to:
     - Persistent budget deficits and escalating debt levels, undermining the province's financial stability.
     - Controversial austerity measures, adversely affecting marginalized and vulnerable populations.
     - A reduction in funding for essential public services.

**3. Threats to LGBTQ Healthcare:**
   - Blaine Higgs' approach to LGBTQ healthcare has been a cause for concern:
     - Instances of discrimination against LGBTQ individuals within the healthcare system.
     - An absence of comprehensive policies to address LGBTQ healthcare disparities.
     - The urgent need for education and training among healthcare providers to ensure inclusive care.

**4. Neglect of La Francophonie:**
   - The Francophone community's rights have been marginalized under Higgs' leadership:
     - Reductions in funding for French-language education and cultural institutions.
     - A lack of support and engagement with the French-speaking population, leading to discontent.

**5. A Call for Progress and Change:**
   - It is imperative to address these challenges to safeguard human rights and promote inclusivity in New Brunswick.
   - A commitment to responsible fiscal management, LGBTQ healthcare equality, and the rights of the Francophone community is crucial for progress.

In conclusion, this expert intelligence report highlights the threat to human rights in New Brunswick under Blaine Higgs' leadership. It serves as a call to action for the NB Liberals to advocate for change, progress, and a renewed commitment to protecting the rights and well-being of all residents in the province.


Marie Landry

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