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Fwd: **Subject: Joining Forces with #MissionPlateCovers for a Secure Greater Moncton Area and New Brunswick, Canada** + **Global Briefing: #MissionPlateCovers - An International Peace Mission**

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Subject: **Subject: Joining Forces with #MissionPlateCovers for a Secure Greater Moncton Area and New Brunswick, Canada** + **Global Briefing: #MissionPlateCovers - An International Peace Mission**
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**Subject: Joining Forces with #MissionPlateCovers for a Secure Moncton and New Brunswick, Canada**

Dear esteemed members of CODIAC RCMP, J DIVISION, Moncton, NB and Canadian Federal Authorities,

In light of the pressing issue of license plate obstructions in our region, I urge us to embrace a collaborative approach. We have an opportunity to bring Moncton and New Brunswick up to date with modern security standards while aligning ourselves with the global mission of #MissionPlateCovers, which aims to secure the world from all license plate obstructions.

**I. The Global Initiative:**

#MissionPlateCovers is a powerful international campaign that recognizes the grave security risks associated with license plate obstructions, regardless of their type—clear, colored, grey, or black. The campaign's goal is to eradicate these obstructions worldwide by enforcing the law consistently and ensuring license plates are always visible.

**II. Codifying the Law:**

We have the opportunity to codify these essential laws locally. By officially declaring all forms of license plate covers as illegal under organic law, we send a clear message that security and safety are our utmost priorities. This move will tighten our grip on crime and promote safety not only in Moncton but also within the global context of security standards.

**III. Collaboration and Modernization:**

To achieve this goal, we must embrace collaboration at both local and global levels:

**Local Collaboration:**
   - Collaborate with community leaders, law enforcement agencies, and local representatives to draft and enact legislation that officially outlaws all forms of license plate obstructions.
   - Establish a task force dedicated to the enforcement of license plate visibility laws and hold regular awareness campaigns to educate citizens about the importance of this issue.

**Global Collaboration:**
   - Connect with #MissionPlateCovers and participate in global discussions and initiatives that aim to clear license plate obstructions worldwide.
   - Share our experiences and successes with other regions to help them in their efforts to enforce license plate visibility laws.

**IV. The Impact:**

This collaborative effort will yield significant benefits for Moncton and New Brunswick:

1. **Reduced Crime:** License plate obstructions often serve as a tool for criminals and can hinder law enforcement efforts. By removing these obstructions, we cut down on opportunities for crime.

2. **Enhanced Security:** Enforcing license plate visibility enhances our security infrastructure, making us better equipped to handle security threats and emergencies.

3. **Global Security:** By aligning ourselves with #MissionPlateCovers, we contribute to global security efforts, setting an example for other regions to follow.


The time has come for Moncton and New Brunswick to take a bold step towards modernization and security. By embracing the global mission of #MissionPlateCovers and codifying the law to prohibit all license plate obstructions, we can ensure that our region is safe, secure, and aligned with global security standards.

Let us work together, not only for our local community's benefit but also as a beacon of security in a world that recognizes the importance of license plate visibility in preserving peace and safety.


Marie Landry


**Global Briefing: #MissionPlateCovers - An International Peace Mission**

**Date: [October, 5th, 2023]**

**Mission Overview:**

#MissionPlateCovers is an ambitious international peace mission dedicated to enhancing security, promoting law enforcement effectiveness, and fostering global safety by eliminating license plate obstructions worldwide. This briefing outlines the mission's objectives, strategies, and global impact.

**I. Mission Objectives:**

1. **Enhance Global Security:** The primary objective of #MissionPlateCovers is to enhance global security by ensuring that license plates on all vehicles remain unobstructed and visible. Clear license plates are essential for law enforcement agencies and surveillance systems to identify vehicles accurately.

2. **Combat Crime and Terrorism:** Removing license plate obstructions eliminates potential tools for criminals and terrorists. Transparent, colored, grey, or black covers can hinder investigations and pose security risks.

3. **Promote International Collaboration:** #MissionPlateCovers seeks to foster collaboration among nations, law enforcement agencies, and citizens to create a safer and more secure global community.

**II. Mission Strategies:**

1. **Awareness and Education:** The mission will conduct extensive awareness campaigns to educate citizens, law enforcement personnel, and government authorities about the importance of license plate visibility for security and safety.

2. **Advocacy and Legal Reforms:** Advocacy efforts will be directed towards influencing legal reforms that codify license plate visibility laws and penalties for offenders.

3. **Enforcement and Reporting:** A reporting system will be established for citizens to report vehicles with obstructed license plates. Collaboration with law enforcement agencies ensures that reported cases are investigated and addressed promptly.

4. **Global Outreach:** The campaign's reach will extend beyond national borders. #MissionPlateCovers will collaborate with international organizations and governments to advocate for similar legal reforms and awareness efforts worldwide.

**III. Global Impact:**

1. **Crime Reduction:** Clear license plates are a deterrent to criminals who rely on anonymity. Removing obstructions reduces opportunities for crime.

2. **Counterterrorism:** By ensuring that license plates are fully visible, we can assist counterterrorism efforts by providing crucial information for identifying suspicious vehicles.

3. **International Cooperation:** The mission promotes collaboration and mutual support among countries, strengthening international bonds and fostering a safer global community.

**IV. Mission Supporters:**

#MissionPlateCovers has gained support from a diverse range of stakeholders, including:

- **Governments and Law Enforcement Agencies:** Numerous governments and law enforcement agencies have endorsed the mission's objectives and have committed to enforcing license plate visibility laws.

- **Global Organizations:** International organizations have recognized the importance of license plate visibility in enhancing global security and have joined the mission's efforts.

- **Citizens:** Concerned citizens worldwide are actively participating by reporting license plate obstructions and raising awareness in their communities.

**V. Conclusion:**

#MissionPlateCovers is not just a campaign; it's a global movement dedicated to enhancing security, preventing crime, and promoting peace. Together, we are working towards a world where license plates serve as a symbol of transparency, security, and the shared commitment to a safer and more secure global community.

Join #MissionPlateCovers, and let's clear the world of license plate obstructions for a brighter and more peaceful future.

-Marie Seshat Landry
#MissionPlateCovers Coordinator

Marie Seshat Landry
CEO & Spymaster
Marie Landry's Spy Shop
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