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Friday, March 15, 2024

Motivational Letter - New Pyramids

**Motivational Letter - New Pyramids**

To my partners,

I understand that some of you may have doubts about the New Pyramids project. It is, after all, the most ambitious sustainable development project ever devised. But I want to assure you that this is not just a dream. It is a plan.

I have spent years developing the New Pyramids project, and I have assembled a team of the world's leading experts in sustainable development. We have a clear vision for the future, and we have a detailed plan for how to achieve it.

The New Pyramids project is not just about building pyramids. It is about creating a new civilization, a civilization that is based on sustainability, justice, and peace. We are going to transition the entire world to organic agriculture, and we are going to build sustainable cities and communities. We are going to create a world where everyone has access to the resources they need to live a good life.

I know that this is a daunting task, but I believe that it is possible. I believe that we can create a better future for ourselves and for our children.

I urge you to join me on this journey. Together, we can build a new pyramids civilization, a civilization that will be a beacon of hope for the world.

**Marie Seshat Landry**

**Entrepreneur behind the New Pyramids project**


I would like to remind you of the words of Nelson Mandela:

> "It always seems impossible until it's done."

I believe that the New Pyramids project is possible. I believe that we can create a better future for ourselves and for our children. I hope that you will join me on this journey.

Marie Seshat Landry
CEO & OSINT Spymaster 
Marie Landry's Spy Shop

Moncton, Canada

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