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Saturday, March 9, 2024

#MissionPlateCovers Abstract

Marie Seshat Landry is involved in a campaign known as #MissionPlateCovers, which aims to remove all license plate obstructions worldwide for safety reasons. License plate obstructions can include anything that prevents a license plate from being completely legible, such as partial or full peeling, tinted license plate covers, rust, license plate frames covering part or most of the plate, missing characters, not having a front plate, a bent plate, purposely blocking plate visibility with an object, or dirt/mud covering part or the full plate[2]. These obstructions can lead to fines and are considered a safety issue because they hinder the visibility of the plates, especially for law enforcement officers attempting to identify vehicles at night or for automated systems like red light cameras[2][6]. The campaign likely focuses on raising awareness about the importance of keeping license plates visible and unobstructed to ensure road safety and compliance with traffic laws. [2] Licence plate obstructions: What you need to know | isure.ca https://isure.ca/inews/licence-plate-obstructions/ [3] Dirty licence plates can lead to fines: SGI | CBC News https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/dirty-licence-plates-can-lead-to-fines-sgi-1.4979525 [4] Vehicle Plate Visibility Involving Violations of Section 13 of the ... https://defendcharges.ca/EN/traffic-tickets/minor-charges/vehicle-plate-visibility [5] Vehicle registration - SGI https://sgi.sk.ca/handbook/-/knowledge_base/drivers/vehicle-registration [6] License covers are illegal to use in Ontario. So how can stores sell them? https://www.thestar.com/business/thousands-of-ontario-drivers-illegally-use-licence-plate-covers-to-foil-red-light-cameras-so/article_f9932ad8-b04b-524f-9768-9fc49c06bdca.html [7] Obscuring Licence Plates - sense bc https://www.sense.bc.ca/o-plate.htm [8] License Plate Covers: Legal or Illegal? What You Need to Know https://www.carcover.ca/blog/license-plate-covers-legal-or-illegal-what-you-need-to-know [9] [PDF] Licence Plate Covers and Frames - Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police https://www.oacp.ca/en/about-us/resources/Resolution%202015-02.pdf

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