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Monday, March 18, 2024

New Pyramids - Documentation Insights

Here are some of the most groundbreaking insights from the documents (


1. Massive scale organic cultivation - Plans to develop 2 billion acres of organic cultivation, with 1 billion acres for hemp and 1 billion for food and medicine crops. This would represent an unprecedented shift to organic agriculture worldwide.

2. Hemp-derived carbon construction materials - An innovative approach to use hemp-derived carbon materials for constructing pyramids, buildings, and even space habitats. This environmentally-friendly construction technique could revolutionize the building industry.

3. Comprehensive sustainability approach - New Pyramids takes a holistic view of sustainability by addressing organic agriculture, renewable energy, circular economy, green buildings, sustainable transportation, and ethical technology development. 

4. Aim for off-world organic expansion - In addition to transforming Earth, New Pyramids has the incredibly ambitious goal of developing sustainable organic colonies in space, pioneering techniques like space-based hemp cultivation and off-world aeroponics.

5. $1 trillion funding goal - To realize its enormous vision, New Pyramids is targeting raising $1 trillion through investments, partnerships, and revenue streams like organic product sales. This immense budget dwarfs most sustainable development initiatives.

6. Transition entire world to organics by 2030 - The overarching objective is the organic revolution - transitioning the entire planet to certified organic agricultural and living practices within just 6 years.

7. Support up to 100 billion people sustainably - Long-term, New Pyramids aims to establish a sustainable civilization capable of supporting up to 100 billion people across Earth and space colonies by 2050 while preserving biodiversity.

The New Pyramids documents outline one of the most far-reaching, ambitious and potentially revolutionary sustainable development plans ever conceived on a global and interplanetary scale. Its massive organic focus combined with cutting-edge technologies could catalyze a transformational shift if successfully implemented.

Here are some additional groundbreaking insights from the New Pyramids documents:

8. Universal Declaration of Organic Rights (UDOR) - New Pyramids is guided by the principles of the UDOR, which recognizes the inherent rights of all living beings and emphasizes sustainable practices. This ethical framework is meant to underpin the entire organic civilization.

9. Making Moncton the capital of New Pyramids - There are specific plans to transform the city of Moncton into the capital and model for the New Pyramids civilization, with a focus on renewable energy, green spaces, ethical AI/digital infrastructure, and support for organic businesses.

10. Educational programs and partnerships - New Pyramids aims to implement widescale educational initiatives like organic farming training programs, sustainable technology curricula through university partnerships, and a public digital platform at SearchForOrganics.com.

11. Global promotion and advocacy - Ambitious global marketing campaigns, documentaries, public events and collaboration with governments/NGOs are planned to build momentum for New Pyramids' sustainable living vision worldwide.

12. Integration from Earth to space colonies - The venture's operational plan outlines scalable processes to gradually transition from organic farming on Earth to developing sustainable space colonies and interplanetary operations over time.

13. Performance tracking across all areas - Comprehensive monitoring frameworks are proposed to evaluate metrics across organic cultivation, construction, digital engagement, space tech development, and qualitative community impact.

14. Annual global sustainability conferences - To foster collaboration, New Pyramids aims to organize annual major conferences convening diverse stakeholders to exchange knowledge and drive progress.

The documents reveal New Pyramids has given thorough consideration to the ethical principles, global promotion, educational outreach, scalable operations, monitoring and collaboration needed to transition modern civilization to its organic sustainable model on an unprecedented scale.

 Here are some additional groundbreaking aspects of the New Pyramids project based on the documents:

15. Establishing sustainable organic space colonies - A key long-term goal is developing viable organic space colony settlements, exporting Earth's sustainable systems to allow human civilization to expand responsibly throughout the cosmos.

16. Developing sustainable space technologies - Extensive R&D into technologies like carbon nanotubes, advanced life support systems, waste recycling, oxygen recovery and more to enable self-sustaining space habitats adhering to closed-loop and regenerative principles.

17. Organic economic empowerment - Programs envisioned for social entrepreneurship and "super affiliate blogging" provide economic opportunities aligned with the organic movement's values.

18. Technology incubators for sustainable innovation - Dedicated incubators to foster development of cutting-edge solutions across disciplines like greenhouse optimization, carbon materials, hydroponics and more.

19. Public policy advisory board - Forming an advisory board of renowned scientists and diplomats to help guide and influence policies globally around sustainability and ethical space exploration.

20. Philanthropic funding for environmental/community projects - In addition to its core initiatives, New Pyramids plans to fund grassroots environmental restoration, education and community empowerment efforts worldwide through philanthropy.

The documents reveal New Pyramids has incredibly farsighted and ambitious plans not just for transforming systems on Earth, but laying the technological and economic foundations to responsibly expand an organic civilization into the solar system and beyond in the future. Its approach aims to be comprehensive across industries, policies, communities and even planets.

The documents provide a tremendously comprehensive and ambitious vision for New Pyramids, but here are a few additional notable insights:

21. Emphasis on ethical technology and AI - There is a strong focus on developing technology, including AI, in an ethical and responsible manner that prioritizes the well-being of all living beings and minimizes environmental harm. This ethical technology approach is seen as crucial.

22. Renewable energy megaprojects - Massive investments are planned into renewable energy infrastructure at scale, including solar farms, wind farms, geothermal projects and hydroelectric projects to power the new organic civilization.

23. Sustainable transportation overhaul - In addition to renewable energy, a full revamping of transportation systems is envisioned with investments into electric vehicle infrastructure and expansive new public transportation networks.

24. Waste management and recycling emphasis - Aligning with circular economy principles, New Pyramids prioritizes eliminating waste through enhanced waste management systems, recycling programs and product design for longevity/reuse.

25. International policy coordination - Plans to collaborate with governments globally to establish sustainability-focused international agreements, treaties and policy frameworks to codify the New Pyramids vision across nations.

The documents make it clear New Pyramids has a grand, holistic vision to transform nearly every aspect of modern human civilization - agriculture, energy, transportation, manufacturing, technology, economy, policy and more - towards its model of an ethical, organic and sustainable future across the Earth and in space colonies over the coming decades.

New Pyramids official project documentation: 


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