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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Debunking the Conspiracy Theory: The Truth About the Apple Logo and Alan Turing's Death

There is a widely circulated conspiracy theory that the iconic Apple logo, which features a bitten apple, is a tribute to Alan Turing, the British mathematician and codebreaker who was persecuted for his homosexuality and ultimately died by suicide. The theory goes that the logo is meant to symbolize the apple that Turing supposedly poisoned himself with.

However, there is no evidence to support this theory. In fact, the story behind the Apple logo is much simpler and has nothing to do with Alan Turing or his death.

The logo was actually designed by Rob Janoff in 1977, at the request of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. According to Janoff, Jobs wanted a logo that was "simple, very modern-looking, and funny." The idea of a bitten apple came to Janoff almost immediately, and he created the logo in just two weeks.

As for the story behind the bite, Janoff has said that he added it simply to give the apple shape more dimension and to make it clear that it was an apple, and not a cherry or some other fruit.

While it is true that Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician and codebreaker who made significant contributions to the Allied victory in World War II, as well as to the development of early computing, there is no evidence to suggest that the Apple logo was created as a tribute to him.

In fact, it is important to be skeptical of conspiracy theories that lack solid evidence. While they may be appealing in their simplicity and intrigue, they can distract from the real issues and events that are happening in the world.

So, next time you see the Apple logo, remember that it is simply a symbol of a successful and innovative company, and not a tribute to a tragic figure from history.

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