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Monday, June 3, 2024

About Me

Marie Seshat Landry is a multifaceted professional known for her extensive work across various fields, including sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), open-source intelligence (OSINT), and social advocacy. She is the CEO and driving force behind several initiatives and companies, such as Global Organic Solutions, Big Organic Network, and Her work is characterized by a strong commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and technological innovation.

### Professional Roles and Contributions

#### CEO and OSINT Spymaster

Marie Seshat Landry leads Marie Landry's Spy Shop, a company specializing in ethical OSINT and global social advocacy. Her role involves integrating advanced AI into espionage and sustainability efforts, aiming to create a more equitable future[1][4].

#### Sustainability and Organic Advocacy

Marie is a prominent advocate for organic living and sustainability. She spearheads initiatives like the Visionary New Pyramids Project, which aims to construct solar-powered energy stations and aeroponic vertical greenhouses to feed and power communities. She also authored the Universal Declaration of Organic Rights, guiding her companies' ethical and sustainable practices[1].

#### AI and Technological Innovation

Marie has developed numerous AI-driven projects, including autonomous scientific experiment generators and the Chicken Coop AGI system, which proposes a novel approach to AGI systems' interaction and learning. She has also released scientific method workflows for NLP-powered AI chatbots[2][4].

#### Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence

As a digital marketing consultant, Marie has provided expert advice on SEO, social media marketing, and digital marketing strategies. She has developed comprehensive digital marketing campaigns and established a strong online presence through insightful blogs on sustainable living and digital marketing innovations[3].

### Key Projects and Initiatives

#### Global Organic Solutions

Under her leadership, this company aims to end hunger, famine, and pollution by 2030 through projects like the New Pyramids Project. The company adheres to the Universal Declaration of Organic Rights, promoting ethical and sustainable practices[1].

#### Big Organic Network

This platform connects individuals, businesses, and organizations dedicated to organic living and sustainability. It fosters collaboration and innovation through community building, education, and advocacy[1].


A specialized search engine and marketplace powered by Google, this platform simplifies the search for certified organic products, connecting consumers with genuine organic items and providing educational resources[1].

#### MissionGPT and The Second Illuminati

Marie leads these innovative projects, which focus on advanced applications of AI to tackle global issues related to energy, education, and infrastructure. These projects aim to redefine architectural and societal norms[5].

### Advocacy and Policy Influence

Marie is a powerful advocate for policy changes that support organic farming and sustainability. She engages with policymakers to influence regulations that promote organic practices and environmental protection[1].

### Research and Analysis

Marie conducts research on various topics, including the potential military applications of organic hemp and hemp-derived carbon nano sheets (HDCNS) in NATO markets. She also explores the therapeutic possibilities of cannabinoids in cancer treatment[2][4].

### Conclusion

Marie Seshat Landry's work exemplifies interdisciplinary excellence, tackling crucial aspects of modern science and technology while emphasizing ethical practices and a sustainable future. Her contributions span from AI and OSINT to organic advocacy and digital marketing, making her a visionary leader in multiple domains[1][2][4].


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