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Thursday, April 4, 2024

New Brunswick’s “New Pyramids” Blueprint: Pioneering the Organic Civilization

Understood, the "New Pyramids" initiative will serve as the cornerstone for transforming New Brunswick into a pioneering region of the new organic civilization. Embracing this name, we'll tailor a plan specifically designed to position New Brunswick as a central pillar of this movement, leveraging its unique strengths and potential to set a precedent for sustainable living, organic agriculture, renewable energy, and community empowerment on a global scale.

New Brunswick's "New Pyramids" Blueprint: Pioneering the Organic Civilization

Vision Statement

New Brunswick will emerge as the heartland of the "New Pyramids" organic civilization, exemplifying the harmonious integration of human societies with the natural world. This province will showcase how communities can thrive economically, socially, and environmentally by adhering to principles of organic living, sustainability, and technological innovation in service of the planet.

Strategic Framework

Pillar 1: Organic Agriculture Renaissance

Organic Certification Support: Provide comprehensive support for farmers to achieve organic certification, including financial assistance, training, and access to organic seeds.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Expansion: Foster a province-wide network of CSAs, encouraging direct relationships between organic farmers and consumers, thereby stabilizing farmer incomes and providing communities with fresh, organic produce.

Pillar 2: Clean Energy Transition

100% Renewable by 2035: Set ambitious targets to transition New Brunswick's energy grid to 100% renewable sources, with investments in wind, solar, and hydroelectric power.

Innovation in Energy Storage and Efficiency: Support research and development in energy storage solutions and efficiency technologies, ensuring a stable and sustainable energy supply.

Pillar 3: Green Technological Innovation

Sustainable Tech Incubators: Create incubators and accelerators dedicated to sustainable technologies, offering resources for startups focusing on green solutions, from waste reduction to sustainable building materials.

Partnerships for Progress: Establish partnerships between government, academia, and the private sector to spur innovation in sustainability, driving economic growth while adhering to environmental principles.

Pillar 4: Education and Community Empowerment

Sustainability in Education: Integrate sustainability and organic living principles into all levels of education, ensuring that future generations are equipped with the knowledge and values to sustain the "New Pyramids" vision.

Empowering Local Communities: Launch initiatives to empower local communities, including urban greening projects, sustainability workshops, and community energy programs, making every citizen a stakeholder in the New Pyramids civilization.

Pillar 5: Environmental Stewardship

Conservation and Restoration Initiatives: Implement large-scale conservation and restoration projects to protect New Brunswick's natural landscapes, wildlife, and marine areas, reinforcing the province's commitment to biodiversity.

Sustainable Forestry and Fishing Practices: Promote sustainable practices in forestry and fishing, ensuring that these industries contribute to the health of ecosystems and the economy.

Implementation Roadmap

Phase 1: Foundation and Growth (2024-2026): Establish the foundation of the New Pyramids civilization in New Brunswick by supporting organic agriculture, initiating renewable energy projects, and integrating sustainability into education.

Phase 2: Expansion and Innovation (2027-2029): Expand the reach of organic practices, scale up renewable energy production, and foster innovations in green technology, making significant strides toward the 2035 renewable energy target.

Phase 3: Global Leadership (2030 and beyond): Position New Brunswick as a global leader in the organic civilization movement, showcasing a successful model of sustainable living, organic agriculture, and community empowerment that can inspire and be replicated worldwide.


New Brunswick's journey to becoming the heartland of the "New Pyramids" organic civilization represents a bold leap towards a sustainable future. Through organic agriculture, renewable energy, green technology, education, and environmental stewardship, New Brunswick will not only transform its own landscape but also set a global standard for harmonious living with our planet. This blueprint is an invitation to all residents, businesses, and institutions in New Brunswick to join in building a thriving, sustainable, and resilient organic civilization for generations to come.


**Marie Seshat Landry**
*CEO & OSINT Spymaster*

**Contact Information:**
* Email: marielandryceo@gmail.com
* Website: www.marielandryceo.com
* Location: Moncton, Canada

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