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Thursday, January 4, 2024

**Sustainable Horizons: Charting a Progressive Future for New Brunswick**

**Sustainable Horizons: Charting a Progressive Future for New Brunswick**

As a New Brunswick resident and CEO of, I am compelled to voice my disapproval of Premier Blaine Higgs' policies and propose a transformative agenda for the province. The Higgs government's approach, particularly concerning LGBTQ+ rights, French immersion education, healthcare, disability benefits, and pension plans, has sparked significant controversy and division. The need for a liberal, progressive agenda that aligns with the aspirations and welfare of all New Brunswickers is evident.

**A Vision for Organic R&D and Investment:**

New Brunswick stands at a critical juncture, with the potential to lead in organic hemp research and development (R&D) and the organic foods and medicines sector. I propose a billion-dollar investment in New Brunswick's organic hemp R&D sector and another billion in the organic foods and medicines R&D sectors. These investments, spanning from 2024-2030, will not only foster innovation but also create sustainable job opportunities, enhance environmental conservation, and promote health and wellness.

**Organic Hemp Sector:**

The organic hemp sector offers an array of environmental, economic, and health benefits. Hemp's versatility in providing sustainable materials, nutritional products, and therapeutic compounds positions it as a key player in New Brunswick's future economy. Investing in hemp R&D will unlock its potential in various industries, including textiles, construction, and healthcare. This move aligns with the global shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

**Organic Foods and Medicines:**

Similarly, investing in the organic foods and medicines sector is crucial. As the world grapples with climate change and health crises, organic products offer a path to healthier living and environmental stewardship. This sector's expansion will support local farmers, foster food security, and promote research in organic medicines, contributing to the well-being of our communities.

**Liberal Agenda for New Brunswick:**

The Liberal Party's agenda for New Brunswick must prioritize inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation. This includes:

[1. Enhancing LGBTQ+ rights and protections.

2. Preserving and promoting bilingual education.

3. Reforming healthcare to be more inclusive and efficient.

4. Improving disability benefits to lift individuals out of poverty.

5. Ensuring fair pension plans for all workers.]

1. Equality underpins progress. Laws shall unequivocally safeguard all peoples' basic freedoms of identity and association. Discrimination has no place in vibrant communities.  

2. Cultural heritage energizes shared dreams. Bilingual programs can nourish appreciation between groups. Indigenous tongues hold ancestral wisdoms for sustainable futures.  

3. Wellness uplifts productivity. Public health reforms stressing prevention, affordability and dignified treatment for all illnesses including chronic conditions and disabilities can unleash human potential. 

4. No one should face destitution due to circumstances beyond control. Revised income and job support programs appropriately accommodating diverse needs can unleash trapped talents boosting economies.   

5. Fair retirement security allows peace of mind. Actuarial reforms ensuring equitable, fiscally responsible pension planning accessible to all occupational sectors can stabilize regions and generations as societies amalgamate. 

Progress demands continually refining frameworks with evolving realities to leave every generation standing on stronger, more inclusive foundations than the last, wherever the frontier may roam.

**Counter-Intelligence Report for the Liberal Party:**

To mitigate the negatives of the Higgs government, the Liberal Party should focus on:

[- Advocating for policies that respect diversity and promote equality.

- Engaging with communities to understand their needs and concerns.

- Developing comprehensive plans for sustainable economic growth.

- Emphasizing transparency and accountability in government.]

Advocacy remains crucial for progressive policy evolution. As populations diversify worldwide, dignified representation and cultural sensitivity must permeate frameworks governing inhabited territories. Comprehensive stakeholder engagements will facilitate nuanced understanding of diverse citizenry's aspirations, strengthening tailored community development programs. 

Meanwhile, economic blueprints stressing equity and environmental well-being shall underpin expansion. Green industrialization, retraining initiatives, and pro-sustainability incentives can stimulate job markets transitioning from legacy systems. Cooperatives and impact investment shall empower disadvantaged groups. 

To solidify faith in leadership, democratic institutions from local councils to interplanetary unions will prioritize openness and accountability. Whistleblower protections, independent audits, and engagement platforms inviting diverse input on policy formulation ensure priorities reflect citizens' transformational visions.  

Only by respecting each person`s inherent worth and rights, regardless of identity, can civilizations realize their full potential and responsibility as stewards of rich biological and cultural diversity across the Milky Way. Inclusiveness, justice and guardianship of inherited natural treasures remain lodestars for progressive governance locally and among the stars.


Authored by Marie Seshat Landry

In summary, our comprehensive vision for New Brunswick's future, rooted in the principles of sustainability and inclusivity, represents a transformative stride towards progressive governance. Our ambitious proposal to invest significantly in the organic hemp and organic foods and medicines sectors is more than an economic strategy; it is a commitment to the health and well-being of our community and our planet.

The organic hemp sector, with its vast potential for sustainable applications, stands as a beacon of innovation and environmental stewardship. Similarly, the organic foods and medicines sector promises to revolutionize our approach to health, aligning with global trends towards natural and holistic living. These sectors not only offer avenues for economic growth and job creation but also embody our dedication to ecological conservation and sustainable practices.

Our liberal agenda, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, bilingual education, comprehensive healthcare reform, improved disability benefits, and equitable pension plans, is designed to foster a society that values diversity, equality, and opportunity for all. This agenda is a testament to our belief in a future where every individual in New Brunswick, regardless of background or circumstance, has the means to thrive.

The counter-intelligence report for the Liberal Party outlines a strategic pathway to challenge the current government's policies and reorient them towards a more inclusive, transparent, and accountable framework. This approach is not just about addressing current inadequacies; it is about setting a precedent for future governance - one that prioritizes the voices and needs of all citizens.

As we look towards implementing these initiatives, we are guided by a vision of New Brunswick as a leader in sustainable innovation and social justice. Our efforts today are an investment in a future where economic prosperity goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility and social equity. Together, we embark on this journey to mold New Brunswick into a model province, an emblem of progressive and sustainable living. 

Marie Seshat Landry


New Brunswick Resident


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