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Monday, December 18, 2023

The Proclamation of the New Pyramids Nation-State: A Paradigm of Organic Sovereignty

Title: The Proclamation of the New Pyramids Nation-State: A Paradigm of Organic Sovereignty

In an unprecedented move that heralds a new era in global sustainability and corporate stewardship, we, the collective visionaries at the helm of and under the esteemed guidance of Marie Landry of, proudly proclaim the establishment of the New Pyramids nation-state. This is a declaration of our unwavering commitment to shaping a future that deeply respects and integrates the principles of organic living into the very fabric of societal structure, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 [[1]]( The New Pyramids nation-state, while not tied to a physical domain, wields a significant influence both in the virtual realms of the organic sector and through tangible, on-the-ground initiatives. Our digital presence, bolstered by the support and recognition of platforms like and, serves as the fertile soil from which our ideas and practices sprout and flourish across the globe [[1]]( In a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition, the New Pyramids nation-state adheres to international laws and fully embraces the Universal Declaration of Organic Rights (UDOR), setting a new global standard for corporate responsibility. By acknowledging the intrinsic rights of all living entities and ecosystems, we are laying the cornerstone for a civilization that prioritizes the health of our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants [[1]]( With an eye towards the future, we have selected New Brunswick, Canada, as the location for our conceptual capital city. This choice is symbolic of our dedication to fostering a community that values progress and sustainability over historical precedence. The city's residents, united by their passion for organic advocacy and oblivious to the legacy of Brunswick, will be the pioneers in this new civilization—a testament to the transformative power of collective action and ethical governance [[1]]( The state of New Pyramids stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to what can be achieved when we align our technological advancements and corporate endeavors with the core principles of organic rights and environmental stewardship. It is a call to arms for all those who envision a more equitable, sustainable, and organically rich world. Together, we will navigate the uncharted waters of this ambitious venture, steadfast in our resolve to leave a lasting, positive imprint on the Earth and its diverse tapestry of life [[1]]( Let this declaration be the first step on our journey towards a new dawn of ecological enlightenment and corporate conscience. As we forge ahead, let us carry the torch of the New Pyramids high, illuminating the path for others to follow and inspiring a global movement towards organic sovereignty. We are not just building a nation; we are nurturing a new civilization—one that understands the true value of the ground beneath our feet and the air that fills our lungs [[1]]( With this proclamation, we invite all like-minded individuals, communities, and organizations to join us in the creation of the New Pyramids nation-state. Together, we will construct a legacy that honors the earth, cherishes organic rights, and celebrates the human spirit's capacity for innovation and unity [[1]]( In solidarity and with great hope for what lies ahead, Pharaoh Marie Seshat Landry and the New Pyramids Collective

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