Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Challenging Injustice: My Struggle for Justice and Recognition as a Trans Woman

In today's blog post, I want to share my personal journey—a battle against discrimination, false accusations, and the misconduct of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). As a male-to-female trans woman, I experienced a harrowing series of events that not only infringed upon my rights but also affected my mental well-being and public perception. Join me as I recount my fight for justice and recognition in the face of transphobia and systemic failures.

False Accusations and Intimidation:

It all began in January 2016 when I fell victim to a disturbing phenomenon known as "swatting." Two transphobic witnesses, simply because they disliked my outfit, falsely accused me of an indecent act. The Codiac RCMP became involved, and despite the lack of evidence, I found myself charged with a crime. However, after months of legal proceedings and intense debate, the charges were eventually withdrawn in October 2016.

RCMP Misconduct and Harassment:

My struggle did not end there. A few months later, the RCMP officer responsible for charging me took advantage of his position of power. He forced me into his patrol car, making it clear that he believed I was guilty, regardless of the court's decision. This intimidating encounter left me shaken and exposed to further harassment from the witnesses and their friends, who targeted me based solely on my gender identity as a trans woman.

Inaccurate Records and Impact on My Life:

In the spring of 2023, I made a shocking discovery. The internal police system falsely displayed my case as a conviction, indicating that I was found guilty of the charges that had previously been withdrawn. Seeking justice, I sought a review from J Division, with the support of my MLA, Rob McKee. To my dismay, they also concluded that I had been convicted, ignoring the court's decision. These false records not only tarnished my reputation but also affected my medical records, which were plastered with lies and misinformation about my gender identity and the nature of the incident. This situation led to further mistreatment and a denial of my true identity.

Seeking Accountability and Human Rights Commission's Intervention:

Determined to challenge this injustice, I recently obtained a certificate from a judge that compelled the Codiac RCMP to update their records to reflect the truth. However, the impact of their actions still lingers. That is why I have reached out to the Human Rights Commission of Canada, seeking their assistance and urging them to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations of discrimination, misconduct, and human rights violations. Together, we can fight for justice and ensure that such mistreatment is not tolerated within the RCMP or any other law enforcement agency.


My personal journey has been fraught with adversity, but it has also given me the strength to stand up against injustice. As a trans woman, I refuse to be silenced, and I am committed to fighting for equality, recognition, and respect. By sharing my story, I hope to raise awareness about the challenges faced by trans individuals and highlight the urgent need for systemic change. Join me in this battle for justice, and let us strive for a society where every person, regardless of their gender identity, can live free from discrimination and prejudice.

Remember, your voice matters. Together, we can create a world where justice and equality prevail. 

Marie Landry

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